Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lefties and Randettes Stand By Their Men: Damn the Facts

Glenn Greenwald correctly observes:
A large bulk of the Democratic and liberal commentariat - led, as usual, by the highly-paid DNC spokesmen called "MSNBC hosts" and echoed, as usual, by various liberal blogs, which still amusingly fancy themselves as edgy and insurgent checks on political power rather than faithful servants to it [...] avoided full-throated defenses of drones and the power of the president to secretly order US citizens executed without due process or transparency. They prefer to ignore the fact that the politician they most deeply admire is a devoted defender of those policies.
In other words, most lefties are standing by their man, Obama, and are simply ignoring his policies.

But what about the libertarian Rand Paul cheerleading faction? Are they just going to ignore the below Rand comments made just a few short weeks ago, during Rand's "foreign policy" speech?
McCain’s call for a hundred year occupation does capture some truth:  that the West is in for a long, irregular confrontation not with terrorism, which is simply a tactic, but with Radical Islam.[...]Radical Islam is no fleeting fad but a relentless force. Though at times stateless, Radical Islam is also supported by radicalized nations such as Iran.
I have voted for Iranian sanctions in the hope of preventing war and allowing for diplomacy.
Strategic ambiguity is still of value.
What would a foreign policy look like that tried to strike a balance?  first, it would have less soldiers stationed overseas and less bases.  Instead of large, limitless land wars in multiple theaters, we would target our enemy; strike with lethal force.
And what about this comment from Rand:
Well absolutely we stand with Israel but what I think we should do is announce to the world – and I think it is pretty well known — that any attack on Israel will be treated as an attack on the United States.
Let's hope the Rand cheerleaders don't forget what Justin Raimondo wrote just last month:
 Let Sen. Paul’s desperate efforts to merge libertarianism with Glenn Beck-ism serve as an example of what it means to throw one’s principles to the wind. Let him serve as a negative model in the textbook of practical libertarian politics, which yet remains to be written.
Has Rand reversed the views he informed us of in his foreign policy speech that Raimondo correctly called "an example of what it means to throw one’s principles to the wind"?  Or are the Rand cheerleaders ignoring the real Rand? Have the Randettes simply become the mirror image of the denial of reality crowd on the left that supports Obama despite his policies? Are all these people that desperate for a leader that they will ignore reality? If so, we are likely to get one.


  1. Mr Wenzel, the biggest 'cheerleader' of Rand Paul is his dad who wrote on his Facebook page that he was 'proud' of Rand's filibuster. Would you comment on that?

    1. Ivan, we know how his dad feels. Do you have anything new to add?

    2. I received an email just this morning:

      Dear [xxxxxxxxxx],

      Last week, my son, Senator Rand Paul, stood for 13 hours filibustering Senate business to defend our Constitution.

      Because of Rand's principled stand, Barack Obama hedged and finally gave Rand the answer he and other freedom lovers were asking for in writing.

      [xxxxxxxxxx], Rand is currently holding a Stand With Rand Money Bomb to rally millions of Americans to help defend the Constitution.

      I'm proud of my son's principled stand, so I'm personally asking you to sign your Defend the Constitution Petition and make a generous contribution to the Stand With Rand Money Bomb.

      The Money Bomb ends tomorrow at midnight.

      So please sign your Defend the Constitution Petition today.

      In Liberty,
      Ron Paul

      P.S. Although Rand Paul's filibuster is over, the battle to restore Constitutional government rages on.

  2. By all means. If we just leave those nice little jihadists alone they will be nice to us. (Unless of course they decide to follow the directions of their holy book.)


    1. Dear Dweeb,

      By nice little jihadists, do you mean all those little children killed by drones? Yeah, we should leave them alone. Not killing children, that's one that hasn't been tried yet. Who knows? It just may work.

    2. "Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death." Leviticus 20:9 explains why so many Jews and Christians kill their (bad) kids. They were just following the directions of their holy book. And don't forget about our freedoms Dweeb. You know they hate our freedoms.

    3. "Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you" Leviticus 25:44. I keep mine in the basement.

  3. You have it completely backwords, as the west hasn’t shown itself capable of leaving them alone for almost 100 years.

  4. "Radical Islam" is some sort of neocon code I noticed. It's kind of a fear-monger phrase.