Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This Is What Happens When Americans Place Their Trust In The State

By, Chris Rossini

A month after Sept. 11, 2001, Dick Cheney described the wide open fields that were placed in the U.S. state's hands:
"one of the things that's changed so much since September 11th is the extent to which people do trust the government, big shift, and value it, and have higher expectations for what we can do."
The American public didn't have to react that way, but it did.

Ron Paul tried to warn again, and again, and again, prior to 9/11, that America's foreign policy could someday come back to bite us here at home.

After that tragic day did sadly occur, the Neocons and the U.S. government received (as Dick Cheney said) an amazing amount of trust and belief in what they could do. Ron Paul again tried to warn against the actions that the U.S. government would be taking. No dice...war fever and the seeking of revenge would seize the day.

Now, here we are just 12 years later....

American public opinion has changed. Bloomberg is out today with a national poll that says 68% say that the government is on the wrong track. A few days ago, Gallup released a poll showing that American belief that government is too powerful is at record levels.

But this is 12 years later....Dick & The Gang took the huge opening and crammed in as much as they possibly could.

First the failures in Afghanistan & Iraq, which cost taxpayers a literal fortune:

We now get a good fondling when traveling on an airplane:

The NSA is spying on our every move:

And as Ben Swann just pointed out with ObamaCare, our private information is going to be shared amongst various government agencies, opening an gigantic hole for abuse. The people who will have access to this information don't even need a basic background check!

Even without abuse, the thought of our lives being a big Matrix for the government to know everything about each of us, should be chilling!

How could so much nastiness happen in such a short period of time?

Trust....that's all that was needed for the surveillance state freight train to plow through.

Fortunately, opinions are changing, but now we have to struggle with all the baggage! Rolling it back will not be easy. There's plenty of big money and crony corporations who like the new setup. Check out the stock prices for Lockheed Martin & Boeing. Life couldn't be better!

The tag-team of Crony Corporations & The State won't just roll over.

Public opposition will have to be massive to start peeling away the layers that have been piled on over the last 12 years.

It can be done, as the thwarted U.S. attack on Syria proves. We're gonna need a lot more of that!

Speak up.

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  1. First you have to start with the premise that 9/11 should be taken at face value. 2000 engineers and many other accounts and facts say it should not be taken at face value. RE-think 911 is a good place to start.

    1. mossad not muslims did 9/11/01

    2. I have been speaking up.
      I don't often get to see the positive results, that can be frustrating.

      I don't think it has to begin with 9/11.
      That happened.
      What gets many people motivated, I think, is what's happening to them (individually) and those around them, right now.

      Seems to me, it's very important to always point out, "what's in it for them". and, what's in it, for those around them.

      But yeah, pointing out all the lies, especially 9/11, is a good thing.

      ...When does the EPJ bumper sticker debut?

    3. Not this again.
      Talking about 9/11 being an inside job is not going to accelerate the rate at which more people will see the message of libertarians having value.
      Aside from that there is simply NO POINT in getting engaged in obscure debates about a conspiracy theory when the evil of the state is, as libertarians say, so blatantly obvious and out in the open on virtually every issue.
      Is the government evil only because it may have been culpable in 3000 American deaths? That's a nationalist sentiment and would do nothing to further the notion of statism itself being evil. The point is to teach people that killing hundreds of thousands of innocent non-Americans is even more evil. It is unlibertarian to make people think that killing innocent people is justified so long as some terrorists really did kill 3000 Americans on 9/11.
      Hell, some people even dare openly wonder if the possibility of Pearl Harbor being false flag would have changed the "necessity" of going to war with Japan and Germany.
      9/11 is nothing but a fart in a tornado of state evil, even if it were an inside job.

    4. Thanks Tony. I'm glad you said this because I just don't have the patience anymore with these Truther idiots.

    5. Jonny, I think you missed Tony's point- he isn't denying that the government allowed 9/11 to happen, just that it obscures the response to 9/11 that has murdered millions.

      Anyone who thinks 9/11 happened without complicity by The State isn't paying attention.


  2. And, it was the American (and British) people that thwarted the attacks not Putin, as some talking heads would like people to believe. Putin was simply the political exit for Obama.

  3. The idea is to do something now. Pay attention NOW. Not just at the national level but locally. When was the last time you went to your local city, county or township meetings. Do you vote for your LOCAL people. Get educated about how we got where we are. A good place to start is "Leadershift" by Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille. Both men have been New York Times Best Selling Authors. Read their blogs. They are telling it like is and HOW MAKE IT DIFFERENT. Read the Federalist papers, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. Know what you are talking about. Know history, we are repeating it rapidly because people lack the education of past experience. This all started way before 9/11, way before Bush 1 or 2. Way back in the early 20th century. 9/11 and aftermath are symptoms and results of those early maneuvers. The ever growing government is its product. We, the people have gotten just what we allowed to happen by being uneducated & lazy about vigilance towards government.

  4. We, the people have reaped the benefits of neglect on our own part. We have left the "government" experts to do for us what we are to lazy to do ourselves. We have failed to stay informed because we are "too busy". We want the government to take care of us when we do stupid things and cause our own misfortune. We spend our money and then want someone to rescue us, then whine about taxes. Well it is time to pay attention and spend the time to get informed. Turn off the TV. The media is no help. They are the right hand assistants to government ballyhoo. READ BOOKS - REAL Books. Ask informed questions based on real facts not the latest internet rumor. Read "Leader shift by Orrin Woodward & Oliver DeMille. Read their blogs on history, the 5 Laws of Decline, and responsibility of regular people. Read the Federalist Papers. Read the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence (all of it). Attend your LOCAL government meetings. Do you even know what goes on in your own back yard. The American Founding Fathers expected all of us to be involved. "I don't have time" will be no excuse when we are all bond servants to our government. We already are for 7 months of the year. (That is how long it takes to earn enough to pay all your taxes) This only gets better if real people get educated and start being vigilant about what the government is up to. So give up the Monday night football, the softball team or bowling league and start a self education program. That is the only thing that is going to save this mess. (P.S. You won't get the info in college either)