Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Brilliant Collage Depicting the Ron Paul Inc Scandal and Beyond

Lee Stranahan on his twitter feed is now calling the swirling scandal surrounding Kent Sorenson "StafferGate." He also has put together this brilliant collage which depicts the key players that will suffer backlash as a result of StafferGate.

Michelle Bachmann is tied to staffergate because of illegal payments made by the Bachmann 2102 campaign to Kent Sorenson. Ron Paul will unfortunately be linked because of  Ron Paul 2012 staffers that made their own payoffs to Sorenson and because of yet to be publicly revealed other payoffs made to protect from going public information about inappropriate behavior toward Ron Paul 2012 volunteers by a senior  campaign official.

Mitch McConnell deserves to be in the collage because it is alleged that two key members of his 2016 re-election campaign are Ron Paul 2012 people who, at minimum, were aware of the payoffs to Sorenson, if not directly involved.  The most brilliant part of the collage is Rand Paul's head leaning in. Many of the key Ron Paul 2012 staffers were very,very close to Rand during his initial Senate run. If any of these staffers flip and start talking to the Feds, will Rand be brought more to the center of the picture?


  1. This is why we have such an uphill fight. Even if we find the perfect person to elect - a person who can say no to offers of billions of dollars and control of the world - there's no way to surround him with equal people. There will always be a weak link, someone whose moral resolve is just a hair off from that of everyone else, and that's enough. This is a big reason why I don't see politics and government as the way forward.

  2. "Its important to remember that Mitch McConnell is very different from Mitch McConnell Inc." ... and if you don't believe that's true (and of course, it is not true), please explain to me why that *is* true of Ron Paul vis a vis Ron Paul Inc.

  3. Is this an attempt by TPTB to discredit any attempt by Rand to run for president. The son is nothing like the father, but part of me can't help but wonder if this is being pursued to discredit the Paul brand in general

  4. That's so brilliant my head nearly exploded.

  5. Huh. Grasping at straws.


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