Wednesday, December 4, 2013

BREAKOUT: Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Views Pick Up Steam!

By, Chris Rossini

John Glaser shares good news over at
For almost 50-years, the Pew Research Center has been polling on the question of whether Americans think the U.S. “should mind its own business internationally,” but only now, for the very first time, have a majority of Americans answered in the affirmative.

I think some Ludwig Von Mises is appropriate here:
“The history of mankind is the history of ideas. For it is ideas, theories and doctrines that guide human action, determine the ultimate ends men aim at, and the choice of the means employed for the attainment of these ends...There are no such things as abrupt sweeping transformations of human affairs. What is called, in rather misleading terms, a "turning point in history" is the coming on the scene of forces which were already for a long time at work behind the scene...”
It's needless to say that Ron Paul's three decades of (oftentimes) being the lone voice for peace were "for a long time at work behind the scene". 

The job is far from over though. The Empire is still in operation, as is its funding machine known as The Federal Reserve. Even though recent events in Syria and Iran are encouraging, the goals of those who comprise the military-industrial complex have surely not changed.

As the above Pew poll indicates, the times are changing, and the victories are starting to gradually roll in.

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  1. Change one or two words and this is a tremendous endorsement of Bitcoin Robert...hahaha. You'll see the light soon enough, probably when Gary throws in the towel.

  2. Ron Paul's foreign policy views? Before Ron Paul even got involved in politics, 43% agreed that the US should "mind it's own business internationally." Now it's up to 52% and Ron Paul gets the credit? That's laughable. Ron Paul is not taken seriously outside the Alex Jones crowd.

    1. It would be more appropriate to look at the height of the Bush doctrine, 2002, versus today. Ron Paul held no influence in the minds of the American people until the 2000s.

      Jerry is a sophist who constantly tries to make the weaker argument look correct.

    2. JW is right. Ron Paul is an irrelevant buffoon.
      On the other hand JW himself has changed the world through his insightful posts on EPJ!

  3. And THIS is why principles matter.
    Now imagine Rand Paul with his deliberately ambiguous views being on the fence instead of the right side of history like his father mostly is. Ron Paul is a modern trailblazer, while Rand Paul is just trailing.
    When it comes to foreign policy, the American people have already rendered "libertarian ally" Rand Paul utterly irrelevant.

  4. Ron Paul is getting popular in the Philippines!