Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is President Obama's Closest Aide Pro Climate Change?

Thinks climate change can be beautiful.

Valerie Jarrett, who is the top Senior Advisor to the President, just answered questions from the public on Periscope.

One question concerned her most important moment in the White House. She said it was when Obamacare passed. It passed Congress on March 20. 2010, the first day of Spring.

She said the President invited staffers on to the Truman balcony to celebrate.

Jarrett, during the Periscope interview, described it as a "beautiful evening, unseasonably warm."

What "unseasonably warm"?  Isn't that climate change? Shouldn't Jarrett be hating the unseasonable weather instead of calling it a beautiful evening?

File under:When reality smacks up against lefty nuttiness.


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  1. Global warming will save the rain forests. What do humans build green houses for anyway?