Wednesday, January 13, 2016

COMING: New Anti-Wall Street Film "Money Monster'

Oh boy, looks like more lefty propaganda coming to a screen near you.

Market Watch reports:
The film follows in the footsteps of “The Big Short,” “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “99 Homes” by tackling the fallout from financial crashes, exploring a complicated system that director Jodie Foster calls “rigged for the elite” in an interview with Yahoo Movies.

“Money Monster” stars George Clooney as a larger-than-life TV personality with a financial channel show who is taken hostage on air by a man who holds him responsible for the loss of his life savings. Jack O’Connell plays the blue-collar worker who loses everything in just nine minutes after following a stock tip that collapses.
The film will be released March 31, remarkably by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary of Wall Street traded Sony (Stock symbol: SNE).


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  1. Movies like this are probably being released to coincide with the collapse that is now underway in the stock market. The idea is to refocus the bile of the proles on a few "bad apples" rather than the underlying system of "first by inflation, then by deflation" chicanery conducted by banksters via fiat money and central banking. Works every time...