Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bloomberg Vicious Hit on Trump

Stephanie Baker and Tim Higgins write in Bloomberg in what is being called a "Special Report":
In Panama, his condominium owners are trying to fire him. In Canada and Turkey, his business partners want to cut him loose. In Scotland and Ireland he claims to be making millions but so far is losing money.
Donald Trump says his organization is in talks on more than 100 deals, 85 percent of them outside the U.S., and that if elected president he will bring to international relations the savvy he has demonstrated as a global deal maker.
But an examination of his operations abroad reveals that, while he has made many millions selling his name, he has chosen a number of inexperienced -- even questionable -- partners, sometimes infuriated buyers and associates and moved late into saturated markets, producing less income than advertised.
But if you read the details, there is no question that Baker and Higgins are attempting to put the worst possible spin on everything Trump touches.

They are in a kind of reverse osmosis Trump world.  The methods Trump uses to attack those who challenge his presidential run,, exaggeration and stretching of the truth, are  the methods they are using to attack Trump.


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