Friday, April 15, 2016

Most Americans in 15 Years Say Their Tax Bill Is Too High

The natives are getting restless at the sane time that Bernie "Give Away" Sanders  enjoys a very strong following.

According to Gallup,  57% of Americans say they are paying too much in taxes -- a six-percentage-point increase from last year and the highest percentage in 15 years.

Looks like the kids are starting to earn some money.  In 2015, a minority of those under 30 (38%) thought that they were paying too much -- the lowest of all age groups -- but now a majority in this age group (55%) feel that way, according to Gallup.

And it looks like more elderly are starting to collect Social Security and using government healthcare,  those 65 and older went from 46% saying they were paying too much last year to 39% saying the same now.



  1. Not to mention that paying onerous taxes into such a breathtakingly corrupt government makes it all the worse.

  2. According to this poll the percentage saying their federal income taxes are too high is greater than the percentage of people paying federal income taxes. Even after the margin of error they claim is taken into account it's practically unanimous that federal income taxes are too high for those paying them. Realistically this would indicate their sampling of a little over a 1000 people is too small to get a representative sample or many of those answering didn't understand the question.