Wednesday, February 22, 2017

COMING SOON Your Own Personal Cargo-Carrying Servant Robot

I love free market creativity.



  1. I guess if you live in a very, very flat area.... It's notable they didn't show stairs, curbs, etc in the video. Since that would have been a big selling point, clearly this machine can't negotiate routine obstacles.

  2. Needs to do stairs as well, unless there's an elevator.

  3. Cute, but I notice it doesn't have much clearance, so would probably get stuck in even moderately rough terrain. I wonder how steep an incline it can handle. And how big a step can it do? Maybe an inch? Then when you inevitably DO have to pick the thing up for real stairs, curbs, etc., where do you grip it? There should be a suitcase-like handle on it, but I guess that wouldn't look sexy.

  4. It's called Gita, short for gita hell outta here with that crappy robot.


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