Friday, December 8, 2017

A Fan Letter to Murray Sabrin

Dr. Sabrin,

Hi. I'm an reader and also Bob's research assistant for the EPJ Daily Alert.

Earlier today, Bob linked to your November 15th presentation.

I just watched it, and I'm always impressed at how you can explain central banking, monetary policy, etc. in layman's terms.

There are not many who are great at the intersection of economics and finance. Bob is definitely one them, and so are you, sir.

Harrison Burge


  1. Great lecture! Murray is really good.
    But, regretfully, this is only an echo in our Ancap echo chamber.
    We need to move past this.
    Either we become MORE precise and all encompassing in our expression of our ideals, OR we broaden our message to attract the uninitiated.
    Well, obviously, the latter.
    We libertarians can always number the angels on that pin head, but we don't seem to often attract an economic agnostic to our cause.
    I mean, if you type in the URL for EconomicPolicyJournal, you're already terminally Ancap.
    We need some OUTREACH.
    BTW, I do NOT mean watering down our ideals. I think people respond to the real deal, rather than some pandering gruel.
    Any ideas?

    1. I wish I had some. It took a long time to show that monarchs do not have divine rights; it will also take a long time to convince that democracy is the God that failed.