Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Buchanan: Obama The Axe Man

Patrick Buchanan worked in the White House for Richard Nixon, so he knows the calculated moves a politician can make to get elected.

He understands the axe Obama has been taking to his left leaning friends.

Buchanan knows what is going on:

What is Obama up to? Having secured the nomination, he is moving to convince the nation he is neither a black militant nor a radical, but a man of the center who will even listen to the right.

Though infuriating to readers of The Huffington Post, this may save Barack. For in Middle America folks worry less about politicians adjusting positions than about True Believers willing to go over the cliff with flags flying -- and taking us with them.

[Ronald] Reagan was no Barry Goldwater. He knew when to "hold 'em," and he knew when to "fold 'em." Yet, America still knew who Reagan was.

But, the problem with Obama is different, and Buchanan correctly sees that:

...the question of 2008 remains: When all is said and done, who is this guy?

It's one thing to pose and posture to get elected, but what is a man really going to do after he is elected, when he is clearly a very calculating man, who through out his life has associated with and befriended the most extreme left wing, anti-American, communist sympathizers, in the United States.

If he can switch toward the right, and move to the center to get elected, he sure has the potential to swing extreme left once he has been elected, especially since that's the nest he had lived in his entire life.

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