Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Does Goldman Sachs Run The World? Part II: The Obama Infiltration

By far our most popular EPJ post, ever, has been our Does Goldman Sachs Run The World? post.

Here's an update on Goldman Sachs and their latest power move, the infiltration of the Barack Obama campaign.

The infiltration is led, of course, by Robert Rubin, former Co-Chairman of Goldman Sachs, and who is now advising Obama. There's is also some talk of him as Obama's VP.

Further, Obama has named Jason Furman, his top economic adviser. Furman, with Rubin, was an aide in the Clinton White House, and worked there directly under Rubin. He is also a close associate of Rubin through their work together on the Hamilton Project.

Which doesn't mean that current Goldman employees aren't paying attention to Obama. David Brooks of NYT reports that:

When you break it out by individual companies, you find that employees of Goldman Sachs gave more to Obama than workers of any other employer...Over the past few years, people from Goldman Sachs have assumed control over large parts of the federal government. Over the next few they might just take over the whole darn thing. identifies Goldman Sachs as one of the most influential organizations in federal politics and reports that Goldman employees have donated $571,330 to Obama.


  1. Goldman, Sachs is the ultimate professional Greed Club. They invented Greed and have managed to control Greed in America as an art form. Imagine, John Corzine as head of Goldman Sachs leaves the firm with $100 million to become a politician in New Jersey. He didn’t make that fortune by selling stocks or giving stock advice. Goldman Sachs is not a penny stock manipulator, but I can tell you from personal experience that they never suffer from someone else manipulating a market, front-running a stock, benefitting from inside information or garnering a sweet deal. Its easy for them to always win, they just get there first!

  2. If he is a new Come Rubins around!!

  3. No wonder OHB has been able to raise a staggering $285 million.

  4. come on guys, Goldman attracts the best minds in the world... so its only natural for them to have such powerful people.