Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hogarth With The Same Scary Thought

As we have pointed out before about Obama:

It's one thing to pose and posture to get elected, but what is a man really going to do after he is elected, when he is clearly a very calculating man, who through out his life has associated with and befriended the most extreme left wing, anti-American, communist sympathizers, in the United States.

If he can switch toward the right, and move to the center to get elected, he sure has the potential to swing extreme left once he has been elected, especially since that's the nest he had lived in his entire life.

Indeed, Paul Hogarth, over at Huffington Post, seems to be thinking the same way, Obama is just lying when he moves to the center:

In recent weeks, some progressives have been alarmed at Barack Obama - who they fear has "moved to the center" for the general election... But unlike Bill Clinton's right-wing capitulations in 1996, it's hard to conclude from Obama's recent "shifts" any long-term policy consequences.For those who fear that Obama's posture signals another Clintonian "sell-out," the time to hold him accountable will be after the election - when as President he will be in a position to bring about change. But for now, there hasn't been much to signal such an alarm.

Under the current election system, you never know what you get until the elected are already in office, since most politicians will do and say anything to get elected.Until, politicians are thrown in jail for lying to the public, the lies shall continue. Bush I should be in jail for his "Read my lips, no new taxes" lie. Bush II should be in jail for his promise to run a "humble foreign policy."

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