Friday, July 18, 2008

McCain's Attack Ad

John McCain is out with a new attack ad on Barack Obama.

"He voted against funding out troops, positions that helped him win his nomination,” an announcer says. “Now Obama is changing to help himself become president. John McCain has always supported our troops and the surge that's working. McCain. Country first.”

The campaign also simultaneously issued a 17-page "briefing book" on Obama's Iraq and Afghanistan policy complete with Obama's one-event-only presidential seal.

Some controversy may arise over a snippet showing Obama with his hand raised high
, ala Mike Huckabee's famous cross in the background, there is enough deniability (Obama's fingers are open not closed)to say nothing was intended, but for those who want to see the Republican attack machine attempting a subliminal attempt to position Obama in a Nazi salute-type pose it's probably there, alternatively, the ad, at that point, makes Obama look like some kind of goofy saint ascending into the heavens. It's a masterful trick to get those two contrasting interpretations out of it, but the Republican attack machine has done it.

Also, notice the unsubtle use of Obama's trademarked azure blue.

Here's the ad, judge for yourself what is going on:


  1. "Is McCain Subliminally Associating Obama With Hitler?"


  2. It can go either way, but remember this a McCain ad, so they wouldn't want to put him in a favorable light. you have to take a negative view of what McCain's people were trying to accomplish.

  3. So now waving with the arm higher than the shoulder is a subliminal Nazi salute. That is funny, because such waves are often used in most politician's own positive advertising

  4. Reddick,

    Trust me., McCain is not trying to create a postive Obama ad.