Thursday, July 10, 2008

NY Rep Rangel Has Four Rent Controlled Apartments At Bargain Rates

The New York Times just issued this breaking news alert:

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Thursday, July 10, 2008 -- 7:06 PM ET

Representative Rangel Rents 4 Apartments at Bargain Rates

While aggressive evictions are making rent-stabilized
apartments increasingly scarce in New York, Representative
Charles B. Rangel is enjoying four of them, including three
adjacent apartments in a sprawling penthouse overlooking
Upper Manhattan, courtesy of one of New York's premier real
estate developers.

Mr. Rangel, the powerful Democrat who is chairman of the
House Ways and Means Committee, uses his fourth apartment,
six floors below, as a campaign office, despite state and
city regulations that require rent-stabilized apartments to
be used as a primary residence.

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This is what happens when you put any part of the economy under control, the powerful are able to take advantage, when others are thrown out on their butts.

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