Friday, July 4, 2008

Obama's Economic Policy Director Disses Free Markets

Barack Obama's Economic Policy Director, Jason Furman, was recently interviewed by CNBC's Larry Kudlow. In the interview Furman says the economy is getting "unbalanced". He uses the term while discussing raising taxes and increased funding of various government programs.

Some of the biggest threats to this economy are that it’s getting unbalanced. And it’s getting unbalanced, you see that in the fiscal deficit, you see that in cutting Head Start, you see that in under investment in research and healthcare for example. And it’s some of those imbalances that we need to redress. Those are the real threats to our economy. And we can’t redress those problems while continuing to let the most affluent keep every single one of those very generous tax cuts they’ve gotten over the last seven or eight years.

His reference to needed increased "investment in research and healthcare" is nothing more than a disrespect for free markets. Furman sees the markets failing and believes that the solution is Obama dolling out the money after it is taxed away from others.

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