Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Surprising Kool-Aid Drinkers

David Friedman, who should know better, gives Obama a lukewarm endorsement:

I regard Obama as pretty clearly the least bad of the candidates.

It is an endorsement, none the less.

And over at LewRockwell.com, Lew Rockwell, himself, has been noticeably silent on Obama, as Obama proposes intervention after intervention. Perhaps Rockwell is not drinking the Kool-Aid, but merely sniffing---but this stance from a leading libertarian has to go down as shocking.

Is it possible that the Ron Paul newsletter brouhaha is stifling Rockwell from speaking out against a black man?

It appears that only Anthony Gregory, at the LRC blog, is clear on the very real dangers of an Obama presidency.

Folks, please read this again:


and explain to me where you see anything less than a full totalitarian blooming.

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