Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crude Oil Soars on US Mischief With Russia

GW has found a new way to drive up the oil price. The war in Iraq and the threat of war with Iran are not enough. GW has decided to surround Russia. First by turning Georgia into a US proxy and then by placing a military defense shield in Poland.

The plan(?) is working.

Crude oil futures are above $120, again.

Crude for October delivery rose $5.64, or 4.9%, to $121.20 a barrel on its first full trading day on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

To understand the national psyche of Poland that would allow the US to plant a missile defense shield there, see Peter S. Rieth's important analysis,Oh, Me! Me! Shoot Me!: A Summary of Contemporary Polish Foreign Policy

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  1. Peter's Rieth article is ridicules and his historical knowledge is on popup book level, at best. His assertions (for example) as WWI was caused by Balkan nationalist are just ignorant and discredits him as a reliably analyst. Whoever knows any history would have a good laugh. You should look for the better sources or you will become as ignorant as he is.