Saturday, August 30, 2008

Did I Say Daffy...

Sarah Palin is in way over her head. It sounded daffy to me that Palin had a fifth child at 44, as I pointed out in my post Sarah Palin: Daffy With A Touch of Igloo Trash , just this morning:

Then, of course, there is the curious fact that, though she already has four children, is the Governor of Alaska and is in her 40's, she has another child.

Also, in looking over pics, to find one of Sarah Palin with the baby, I noticed that most of the pictures of the McCain-Palin public announcement of the Republican ticket had Bristol in the background lovingly holding the baby. My thought at that point, and there was no reason to then blog it, was that Bristol wanted a baby real bad. She just had that look of care about the baby.

Now, the theory has broken that the most recent baby may not be Sarah's but that of her daughter, Bristol.

From the Alaska Daily News March, 6, 2008 via the Daily Kos:

JUNEAU -- Gov. Sarah Palin shocked and awed just about everybody around the Capitol on Wednesday when she announced she's expecting her fifth child.

The governor, who recently turned 44, told a handful of reporters as she was leaving work to expect a new member of the first family, then headed to a reception at the Baranof Hotel to feast on king crab.

Palin said she's already about seven months along, with the baby due to arrive in mid-May.

That the pregnancy is so advanced astonished all who heard the news. The governor, a runner who's always been trim, simply doesn't look pregnant.

Even close members of her staff said they only learned this week their boss was expecting.

Daily Kos:

Apparently her teenage daughter was out of school, unseen, for months, because she "had mono".
You really have to blame John McCain for this. He plucked a woman, literally out of the wilderness, to be his running mate, without properly vetting her. Supposedly, the McCain camp didn't even know that Palin was under investigation for ethics violations for trying to get her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper. Though she has high, albeit declining, approval ratings in Alaska, my guess is she was almost in over her head in Alaska, never mind a heartbeat away from the presidency.

UPDATE: Who would have figured? There are TWO pregnancies outside the middle of the bell curve, in the Palin family. We now have a very plausible explanation of "pregnancygate”. Sarah delivered a baby, Trig, and according to Sarah and Todd Palin in the following statement:

Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned.

We're proud of Bristol's decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents. As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support.


This may not be over. Stay tuned. McCain and Palin might be off the charts nutty with what they are trying to pull off.


  1. It reeeeeeeeeally makes you wonder who the daddy is...

  2. Three letters:

    D N A

  3. That's Sarah Palin's grandchild and not her son. Bristol's body language screams that she's the mother, and not Sarah.

    Palin is shameless and reckless in exposing her daughter and grandson at such young ages to this scrutiny, just because of her own ambition.

    And if Sarah Palin is the mother, she's a very reckless one, taking two long flights after her water broke knowing that she had a child, because of the Down's Syndrome, that would need immediate post-natal care.

    Pro-live my ass.

  4. Obama is the father!!!

  5. I, unlike those spineless slobs in the media, openly question the patriotism of Barrack Hussein Obama, and would not hesitate an instant to do so to the Christ-like one, himself directly.

    Question: Would any of you who ask this question of who is the youngest Palin's mother, do so directly to Mrs Palin's husband? I didn't think so. You left-wing, pinko meatheads make me laugh.

  6. Hey Rck,

    You obviously haven't looked at this site very closely. I would hardly call it left wing pinko. In fact, I think they attack Obama more so then McCain and in fact they were knocked off bu Obamabots when they posted and proved that Michelle Obama likely did speak at the conference where she supposedly used the word whitey.

    See Barack Obama Site Puts Micehelle Obama At The Scene Of The "Crime"

  7. As a pro-Obama supporter - I make an effort to avoid smears. I don't like it when it's done to him so I attempt to avoid them - period. Nonetheless - the Palin pick concerns me. I just don't care for her and question McCain's judgment! I have been online 24/7 trying to learn more about her and came across this information. I believe it! When you read past articles in Alaskan papers - not gossip sites - you get your greatest clues. How could her people not know she's pregnant when she is thin?! Even an overweight or obese woman will have at least tightness or a budge in her belly area.

    The one article that confirmed it for me is the flight home. With a high risk pregnancy as a 40+ woman with a baby being born with down syndrome (DS), her doctor would NOT have allowed Palin to travel home after her water broke. She should have been sent to the nearest hospital.

    My sister learned that her son had DS before he was born. Her doctor scheduled her for a C-section and she was closely monitored. I know that every birth is different. But my nephew stayed in ICU for about 12 hours for monitoring before he was released to my sister for breastfeeding. The doctor was concerned about his vitals. Even today, at 4 years old, he can't have thin liquids like juice without thicken. He chokes.

    I feel sorry for her daughter. She might blame herself when this story breaks. I heard that the National Enquirer is investigating. Yes - the Enquirer is a tabloid paper. But it was able to upgrade its imagine/credibility when the Edwards story proved to be true!

    We shall see. I hope that it breaks after Palin is nominated though.

  8. How the comments take a leap from Sarah's scandal to Barack is a bit puzzling. It should be obvious to any thinking individual that it does not matter who is who or what is what in this contest for the affections of the American voter. While bloggers debate Sarah's baby, brother in law et all, and Obama's birth place, religion, and so on we the voters remain mired in a journalistic sea of excrement without raft or propulsion device.

  9. Ah, the plot thickens... enter "C-Ray", or Chris Ray.

    Chris Ray is a 16 year old from a town called Palmer, AK. Population: 6,920.

    ...Who up until 2 days ago, had this as a MySpace page:


    Until it was taken offline. Of course, there's Google, and when his page was indexed by Google on July 20, it captured:" rel="nofollow">

    Interesting side note: When Sarah Palin supposedly gave birth, she flew from Texas to Seattle to Anchorage, and then drove 2+ hours (bypassing regional hospitals in anchorage that had special wards for preemies and downs babies) to Mat Su Regional Hospital to give birth.

    Guess where Mat Su Regional Hospital is?

    Why, none other than the town where Chris Ray lives, and goes to high school... Palmer, AK! probably the hospital where Bristol gave birth!!! to their child.

    Tsk tsk tsk.. Somebody call Maury. I think we have a baby daddy who needs a paternity test! :)

  10. I thought this blog had potential. Until I read this and you lost all credibility.


  11. Hey Holden,

    Don't you come through this site about once every three months telling us the site has potential but..?

  12. How long before we see Sarah Palin's daughter in a "Girls Gone Wild" video.

  13. FACT: Sarah Palin, in the alleged, and dangerous, position of having lost her amniotic fluid two flights and over 9 hrs before, chose to bypass a major city hospital to drive to Mat Su Hospital over an hour away.
    FACT: The doctor who allegedly delivered baby Trig was given several financially and career enhancing appointments across Alaska by Palin, who was on the Board of Mat Su and Governor.
    It looks like someone who knew they were giving birth prematurely, in a high risk pregnancy: made an extraordinary effort, and took extraordinary risk to the welfare of her unborn child in order to get back to a hospital and doctor over which she had extraordinary levels of control and influence.
    I am a former OBGYN at the American Hospital in Paris and would never have allowed any patient of mine to make that trip.