Monday, August 18, 2008

The Donald Raising Prices of His Manhattan Real Estate Properties by Millions; For Sale To Russians

Problems selling your house? Take a page from Donald Trump. Sell it to the Russians.

Trump has hired a Russian-speaking broker to market some of his properties to Russian oligarchs.

Oh, and to further follow Trump's lead, you need to raise the price. A duplex penthouse at Trump Park Avenue has been on sale since 2005 for $32 million, since he had no takers at $32 million, he just raised the price to $51 million.

Trump recently sold his Palm Beach estate Maison de L'Amitie to a Russian fertilizer baron for a reported $100 million.

Here are more Trump, price increases (Via StreetEasy):

PH#23 Now Asking: $31,120,000
Last Week's Ask: $21,784,000Increase: $9,336,000
First Listed: November 2005 (at $18.9 million)
Days on Market: 1020[Listing]

PH#24 Now Asking: $31,000,000
Last Week's Ask: $20,433,600Increase: $10,566,400
First Listed: January 2006 (at $18,375,000)
Days on Market: 935[Listing]

#19A Now Asking: $14,449,500
Last Week's Ask: $9,633,000
Increase: $4,816,500
First Listed: November 2005 (at $9,104,000)
Days on Market: 1020[Listing] thinks #23 might be the penthouse rented by Donny Deutsch.


  1. You can accomplish anything if you shampoo your hair with Tang.

  2. Uh, there hasn’t been an “empire” for years. He basically licenses his name to investors. His last major piece of property was the GM Building, which he lost for not making payments to the bank. A small crowd gathered and cheered when the work crews took his name off the front.