Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FDIC Says 117 Banks In Trouble, More To Follow

The FDIC said 117 banks and thrifts were considered to be in trouble in the second quarter, up from 90 in the prior quarter.

The FDIC doesn't reveal the names of the banks on the list, but it does give the total assets of these institutions.

That number was $78.3 billion during the quarter, up sharply from $26.3 billion the previous quarter.

"More banks will come on the list as credit problems worsen and assets of problem institutions will continue to rise," said FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair in a press conference.

In its latest quarterly report on the industry, the F.D.I.C., also said earnings at banks and thrifts declined 86 percent from April to June, to $4.96 billion, from $36.8 billion a year earlier.


  1. Crash, baby, crash!

    I hope the whole thing comes crashing down and the US economy pancakes.

    The only way that US aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan, et al will stop is if they can no longer pay their mercenaries. Also, the only way to get Israel to stop sucking on the American teat is if the teat dries up completely, then they will have to look elsewhere for a new host to devour.

  2. seems that's going to happen. once the printing presses and the electronic creation of 'toilet paper' money causes the stagflation to get so out of control that wheelbarrows full of money won't buy a loaf of bread (because it's worthless fucking toilet paper backed by NOTHING) then the dollar will indeed tank.

    then watch for the martial law declaration by the oligarch son of a bitch in the whore house!

    as for the electile dysfunction about to occur, don't expect a change of the guard to the faux democrat named O'bombya, that ain't going to happen, and if it does, no sweat, this is all 'kabuki theatre' for the assholes who have not figured out that IT IS ALL ONE FUCKNG PARTY!!! and the MOSSAD and the Carlyle Group run this fucking gulag over here!

  3. "I hope the whole thing comes crashing down and the US economy pancakes."

    A worldwide depression would likely follow, which will affect you in ways you obviously can't comprehend. For example, when you're paying 3 times as much for the same goods, you can jump up and down in your streets waving burning flags all you like.

    "they will have to look elsewhere for a new host to devour."

    The last time this idea was championed was in Mein Kampf. I hope you know what that ideology leads to, although you're likely ignorant enough not to, given your second sentence. I recommend you read a few additional history books.

  4. Israel and the Carlyle Group run this gulag?

    Wow, this moron must dine on history salad virtually every meal.

    I think Israel has more immediate problems than our economy. The fact that Iran is pointing everything they have at Israel (including much that they claim not to have).

    Take a look at a map asshole. Israel is surrounded by hostile countries, yet somehow they have the influence, clout and muscle to run the US?

    Every time I hear this idiotic theory about Israel I know the person has never been in the Middle East. They are concerned with THEIR problems, not ours. And theirs are by far greater and more imminent.

    A crashing economy would help no one except a few fundamentalist cave dwellers camped out in WhateverStan. However, we may have to fall further before we pick ourselves up again.

    By the way, why aren't we squeezing Japan's nuts on rice? Betcha didn't know they get 40% of their rice from us. China gets lots of food, water, oil and other shit they have become addicted to, how about we squeeze their nuts on Marlboros? Johnny Walker Brack Rabel?

    I never hear the obvious comparisson drawn to pre WW2 econ. conditions. Why did Japan attack us? anyone remember? It wasn't because they had a different God, it was because we wouldn't sell them oil and steel. How ya gonna build an empite without the stuff that pushes the ships?

    Disabling the PacFleet was a temporary and foolish move. Think of what we put up with to beat the Japs, then multiply that times 10.

    We're headed towards war with Asia, probably China first. By the way, they have some ZingDong Nukes that can hit our west coast. Wouldn't it be easier to start selling them all the cigarettes and booze for next to nothing and let them destroy themselves? Ever see a Chinese who could handle alcohol? They react to the shit like the Indians did. Seems simple enough. Give them cigs and booze, throw in some drugs and a bunch of Crown Vics and then jack up grain prices. Save the nukes and soldiers for sandland.