Saturday, August 16, 2008

Goldfinger Murder Suspect To Be Arraigned In Federal Court On Monday

Because we have readers who have money tied up with Goldfinger and/or eBullion, we will continue to post updates whenever they are available.

The latest comes from Paul Huebl over at Crimes, Guns and Videotape, who reports:

James Fayed is suspected of having his own wife, Pamela Fayed murdered during an acrimonious divorce. Pamela Fayed was assisting the FBI who was investigating Fayed’s gold trading, Ponzi scheme businesses. That was until she was horrifically stabbed and slashed to death in a Century City parking structure.

Monday, Aug 18, Fayed is expected to enter a formal plea to the Indictment charging him with operating without a required license. This is also the time that a trial judge will be assigned and a schedule of discovery matters will start. A pre-trial court date will be given and an actual trial date will be projected.

Soon we can expect to see a flurry of defense motions designed to get the indictment tossed.

Since Fayed is in custody, I doubt that he will waive time under speedy trial rules and force the government to try him expeditiously. It’s too early to tell exactly what defenses may be raised. However, I have my own expectations.

I would not be surprised to see the defense claim that Fayed relied on his murdered wife to obtain the necessary licensing from the State of California and that he reasonably believed she got the license. Of course I suspect that will be followed with a claim that his wife did not get the license and then falsely informed the FBI that James Fayed had no intention of getting the license.

As for the LAPD murder investigation, it is still stalled because they have been unable to locate and interview Anthony Fayed, the older brother of James Fayed who is being sought on unrelated felony warrants.

It appears that the working hypothesis of the LAPD is that James Fayed had his brother Anthony kill Pamela Fayed. James and Pamela were meeting with their divorce lawyers, before she was killed in the parking garage of the Century City-Los Angeles office building where the divorce meeting took place. James lingered after their meeting with his lawyers so he has an alibi for the time of the murder. His brother Anthony has a rap sheet for various barroom brawls and the like. Some time back, Pamela sought to have a restraining order placed against Anthony.

Huebl has actual court documents at his site, here.

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  1. Anthony Fayed has lots more serious stuff on his rap sheet than bar brawls.