Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In Case You Missed Last Night's Convention Speakers

Lew Rockwell has provided a complete summary:

Last night at their convention, Pelosi gave one of her victimology speeches about ceilings: glass, marble, etc. and how she's a role model for the entire female sex, provided they want to be crooked, pro-war, power-mad, get-rich-through-politics rip-off artists. Jim Leach, a Republican nobody, gave the most boring talk in human history about supporting Obama, I think. Teddy Kennedy promised the weeping NEA masses that he would not die until he had imposed even more socialism on the American people. This was after a moving film of him in his ocean-going, Koch-size yacht, and how being close to the sea makes him love welfare recipients, or something like that. Jimmy Carter, who looked great, was not allowed to speak for fear he might mention the Middle East. Michelle Obama, who also looked great, explained that she had children, parents, and a husband, not to mention a brother. Then there were the manifold shots of Senator Max Headroom. Biden doesn't look human any more. Maybe it's one too many face lifts, hair transplants, tooth implants, chin jobs, nose jobs, neck jobs, tanning-booth sessions, or eye jobs (speaking of the scary Pelosi ).

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