Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Institutional Investors Fear Another Big Financial Firm Failure

FT reports:

Institutional investors expect another big financial firm will collapse within the next six months in the continued fallout from the credit crunch, new research has shown.

Nearly 60 per cent of US and European institutional investors surveyed by Greenwich Associates believe there will be such a failure within the next six months. Another 15 per cent think it will happen in six-12 months...

“Most institutions think we are currently in the most dangerous period for global financial services firms,” said Frank Feenstra, a consultant at Greenwich Associates. “Perhaps if the markets can make it through the next six months, the level of pessimism may begin to subside.”

The survey of 146 institutions by Greenwich Associates, to be published this week, included banks, hedge funds, investment managers, mutual funds and pensions funds in the US, Canada and Europe.

This dovetails with the warning sent out by Black Mesa to its clients.

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