Thursday, August 7, 2008

Microsoft Suspicious About Yahoo! Vote Count Error

Someone at Microsoft is talking to NyPo and reporting that Microsoft is very suspicious about the Yahoo! vote count error that gave CEO a much larger vote count than he should have received:

...several people close to the Microsoft camp questioned whether Yahoo! may have intentionally rushed to certify the more favorable results and suggested there might have been a conspiracy to skew the vote.

Yahoo! denies it had anything to do with how the votes were counted and sources close to the company claim there was no reason to question the original results because Yahoo!'s largest shareholder, Capital Research and Management, owns its shares through several different funds, which often split their votes in contested elections.

But that didn't stop Microsoft from questioning Yahoo!'s motives behind the scenes.

"There is a consistent pattern of questionable activity that Yahoo! has engaged in and I think it shows why Steve Ballmer decided to walk away from the deal," said one Microsoft source. "At the end of the day, he felt he couldn't trust these guys."

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