Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NYC Mayor Wants Windmills On Top of Skyscrapers; In The Ocean

The Windmill-Industrial Complex is alive and well in New York Cty.

NYC's Mayor Bloomberg yesterday proposed to develop wind turbines atop the Big Apple's bridges and skyscrapers.

The mayor also tossed out the possibility of building wind farms way out in the Atlantic Ocean, miles from shore, that he said could generate roughly twice the energy of similar land-based facilities and supply 10 percent of the city's electricity needs within a decade, NyPo reports.

"I think it would be a thing of beauty if, when Lady Liberty looks out on the horizon, she not only welcomes new immigrants but lights their way with a torch powered by an ocean wind farm," the mayor said in the closing speech of the National Clean Energy Summit.

Answer me this: Why is it considered ugly to put oil derricks in the ocean, but politically correct to put windmills?

Hey Mayor, if you are going to go whack job, why don't you go all the way? Distribute these to all citizens, with a battery pack to capture the energy created.

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