Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pics from John McCain's Cabin in Sedona, AZ

John McCain relaxes at one of the residences he may not know he owns---or, more precisely, that his very wealthy wife owns.

Pics via Meghan McCain


  1. White (Song)Bird in a Golden Cage...
    A one hit wonder from the 1970s as I recall...

  2. Actually Mr Mc Cain's Cabin is not located in Sedona, rather in a nearby valley close to Page Springs.
    Sedona sounds more impressive!

  3. None of those women looks happy.

  4. It's Meghan McCain, McCain's daughter, who says it is located in Sedona.

  5. So these are the kind of rich people who hire other people to have taste for them?

    What an inappropriately tacky joint for such a spectacular view. The French are right: America is just to good for the Americans!

  6. Cabin is dated. I suppose McCain forgot that he had it, since 1978?

    I feel sorry for him. He is such a patsy. As soon as he announces the vice-presidental candidate that is chosen for him, he is most likely a marked man, like Ken Lay, and Jerry Falwell.

    Poor old useful idiot.
    He needs a decorator.

  7. Props to anyone who remembers It's a beautiful day, and their song White Bird!

    There maybe hope after all!

  8. To Anon 1.35pm, here's tipping that it will be Joe Liebermann. I suspect he was pointed in the direction of JMcC, and in preparation he seguayed from Democrat to Independant.

    The transition to Republican will be completed the moment JMcC announces that he is his choice for VP.

    At the time JL became an Independant he would have already known what JMcC was yet to be informed of, viz; that he will be running for the presidency.

    It is precisely because JMcC has a cancer in remission which made him the perfect target of opportunity should he become President, as before 2012 he will step down due to ill health and JL will be his successor.

    In the event that Barack Obama becomes President, and he does as Israel expects, then Joe Biden will remain VP. His very presence is a caution to Obama.

    That is why it does not matter whether it is a McCain or a Obama presidency since JL is a Jew and JB outdoes one.

  9. The ultimate in tack has to be wearing a hat indoors. Damn redneck.