Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is It Time To Put A Presidential Candidate In Your Pocket?

The presidential campaigns are going begging for super-CEO support, but keep in mind these CEO's know how to collect on a chit when it is time. If a CEO is on one of the lists of support below, he considers the candidate he is endorsing in his pocket. .

Monca Langley at WSJ reports:

In the contest for business approval, the campaigns are lining up "poster CEOs." Sen. McCain has FedEx Corp. Chairman Fred Smith, private-equity guru Henry Kravis and Merrill Lynch & Co. CEO John Thain.

McCain plans to release the "Tech 100" -- high-tech executives who back his economic plans, a list the campaign says includes Cisco Systems Inc.'s John Chambers and Scott McNealy, chairman of Sun Microsystems Inc...

[F]ormer chief executives Carly Fiorina of Hewlett-Packard Co., or Meg Whitman of eBay Inc., back up Sen. McCain on the stump.

In Sen. Obama's camp are investor Warren Buffett, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker and Robert Wolf, president of UBS Investment Bank...

The Obama campaign is also enlisting [other] heavy hitters. A few weeks ago, the Obama campaign, led by billionaire Penny Pritzker and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. executive William Daley, invited a group of business executives to a meeting in New York, including some who had supported Sen. Hillary Clinton, such as former deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman and private-equity financier Steve Rattner

Henry Kravis is campaigning for McCain for one reason and one reason only, he doesn't want Obama in with his heavy tax hand on the rich. It would impact Kravis big time.

I don't have a clue why Paul Volcker is supporting Obama, but it does mean one thing. If Obama gets in Ben Bernanke is a one term Fed chairman. Volcker has no respect for Bernanke.

The Pritzkers are the real big money, early money behind Obama.

Obama supporter, Warren Buffett is kind of an idiot savant, he is an investment genius, but when it comes to economic understanding or basic common sense, he has none. The man has bllions, and still lives in the same house as when he only had $10 in his pocket, which means he is also a very odd duck. Obama can have him.

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