Friday, September 12, 2008

As The World Crashes....

Bear Stearns..Gone.

Fannie Mae...Government hearse has arrived.

Freddie Mac...Government hearse has arrived.

Lehman Brothers....A priest has been called.

Washington Mutual...On life support.

Wachovia...Alarm buzzer in Emergency Room is screeching.

AIG...Being rushed to hospital.

Merrill Lynch...High fever.

Goldman Sachs (Where Henry Paulson was Chairman and CEO before heading the Treasury).....Today's closing price: $153.47 per share.

-Robert Wenzel


  1. GS can not go BK, it is part of the Fed :)

    If you do not believe that GS and the Fed (and Treasury) are one in the same based on all the cross employment and intertwined interests, I feel sorry for you because you just do not get how the markets work.

  2. It is funny how GS always seem to skate by, I am sure it has nothing to do with all their government connections.

  3. The only question we should be asking is why aren't all similarly leveraged firms suffering the same fate. Looks like Merrill is next. But why aren't GS & MS tanking?

  4. If you dissected their balance sheet, GS probably has the most risk, especially considering their leverage to declining commodity mkts…