Thursday, September 4, 2008

Early Google Chrome Review

I just downloaded Google's new browser, Chrome, this morning.

First impression: Two thumbs up.

The download was very quick and after the download there was no need for the computer to be shut down and re-started.

It seems to run smoothly and a few obvious features really work for me. When I am posting a comment to other blog sites, an automatic spell check kicks in. I just checked my Yahoo and Gmail accounts and the spell check kicks in with them also.

When you open up a new tab, a screen shot appears of your six most visited sites. I can see how this will make things very easy to move to top pages rapidly.

Immediately upon highlighting a word you get the option of conducting a Google search of the word.

There's also the sample uncluttered look that Google is known for. You will notice the difference between this look and Internet Explorer/Firefox immediately.

It's definitely worth at test drive.

You can download Chrome here.

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