Monday, September 8, 2008

The Minimum Wage Must Be Lower For Goats Than Humans

From LaTi:

The denizens of the Bunker Hill high-rises can be excused from doing a double-take this morning as some new workers joined them in downtown Los Angeles. These workers are goats -- 100 of the bearded variety. The Community Redevelopment Agency brought the animals in the to chew on weeds and brush on a steep portion of Angels Knoll...

The goats will be in downtown for two weeks. According to the CRA, goats are cheaper for brush clearance than humans -- $3,000 compared with $7,500.

The goats are from Corona and will stay in downtown overnight, with a herdsman and private security, according to the CRA.

I wonder if there is a group of homeless who would work for $3,000? Probably. Thus, if there was no mnimum wage, you wouldn't see goats working for what truly destitue people need, money.

The story states that for humans to do the work it would cost $7,500. The minimum wage in California is $8.00. Assuming the entire $7,500 is spent on labor, this means 937.5 manhours are required to get the job done, under current minimum wage laws. If we assume that instead we hire homeless workers who work Monday thru Saturday 9 hours per day for a 54 hours per work week, ignore the minimum wage laws and assume that the job should be complete in two weeks (The same period it will take the goats to get the job done), then each worker hired will work a total man hours 108 hours over the two week period. It will thus take eight workers to get the job done. That's $375 per worker, if we assume they are paid a total payout of $3,000.

It comes down to paying workers for an honest two weeks of work, or using goats. Welcome to the impact of the minimum wage.

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  1. Maybe PETA and ACORN can lobby for a minimum waqe for goats and sheep and other hayburners. Oh, and watch dogs need paid more too.