Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Paulson's Takeouts: Is Lehman The Last?

It's quite curious that all the major bankruptcies, and the like, that have occurred in recent weeks are all companies that have been out of favor with Treasury Secretary Paulson.

Bear Stearns has been on Paulson's list since they initially refused to help bailout Long Term Capital Management. Paulson has never liked Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Now, there is one more ticking time bomb, Lehman Brothers, where George Soros has a 9.47 million common stock position.

Soros is no friend of Republicans and, in fact, is a major backer of Barack Obama. Thus, it is a perfect target for Paulson, but Lehman is fighting hard for survival. Only time will tell how this one plays out,there are strong players on both sides, so it is too close to call, but there is a slight advantage too Paulson.

-Robert Wenzel

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