Friday, September 19, 2008

Robert Wenzel: In Defense Of 'Rumor' Mongering Short Sellers Investment banking stocks are crashing and regulators are all in a huff. They are aggressively harassing short-sellers.

Robert Higgs: Episodes of Crisis and Abrupt Growth of Government Leave Legacies These legacies, which may be institutional or ideological, sometimes lie dormant for long periods before they exert effects on the course of events.

Paul Krugman: Comrade Paulson Seizes the Economy’s Commanding Heights Top U.S. financial officials emerged from a briefing with congressional leaders Thursday night with an agreement to work quickly toward a broad-ranging fix for the crisis roiling U.S. and world financial markets.

Eric Salzman: "Time to Launch Operation Stalin!" Early this afternoon when Putnam closed their Money Market Fund and BNY Mellon broke the buck I think the Government issued the order to launch "Operation Stalin".

Felix Salmon: When Regulators Panic Maybe this is just the financial equivalent of x-raying shoes at the airport: it makes it look as though Something Is Being Done

Barry Ritholtz: The US Is Now a Banana Republic This is nothing short of a total panic by people who have no clue what they are doing. And to think, I mocked Russia for being a nation run by market commies.

Mike Hammill: What’s A Swap Line? The currency swap lines were designed to inject liquidity, which can help bring rates down.

Pauk Kedrosky: The SEC Is Blocking Shorting of NAHC, Which Is Nigerian Aviation Holding Company It's not enough they have all the best scams; they get shorts blocked too.

Paul Kedrosky: Silver State Bancorp Is on the Short Sale Ban List It's a failed bank already seized by the FDIC.

PEU: Carlyle Group's Founders at $2.7 Billion Their growth under the Bush administration has been spectacular.

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