Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Steve Jobs Refuses To Discuss His Health, During CNBC Interview

Jim Goldman interviewed Apple's Steve Jobs today on CNBC. Jobs looked more anorexic than Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife, but his health was off limits in the interview.

Goldman explains on his blog:
I agreed not to address the speculation about his health on camera, because Jobs didn't want to go there. As long as I could ask a passing question about his health off-camera, but on the record after the interview, I'd be satisfied. Apple agreed.
And passing it was:

So after the interview, I did ask Jobs how he was doing. "I'm doing fine, really," he said.

LOL. Fine compared to what?

With many firms, the health of the CEO may not be an important issue, if he can be readily placed by other competent management. However, Steve Jobs is the machine that drives Apple. If Jobs is seriously ill, it will ultimately impact the stock. I wouldn't hold the stock under this cloud. If Jobs has to be replaced anytime soon, the stock will crash. -Robert Wenzel

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