Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beach Economics and the Nouriel Roubini Meltdown

It's not clear to me that the economy will crash, but Nourel Roubini certainly has.

Nick Denton at Gawker published an email Roubini sent to a female, inviting her to get together with him in St Tropez, NYC or wherever.

He advises in the email that he is in St Tropez studying, ha ha, "Beach Economics".

He drops these facts in the email:

I am in decadent St Trop now vacationing with Arab Sheiks, Russian oligarchs and assorted aristocratic Euro trash. More silicon here than in Silicon

This coming Sunday August 17th the New York Times Magazine ( will publish a long profile article (4 pages and 3000 words) about me. So beware of markets shivering the next day.

The publishing of this email and accompanying commentary by Denton sent Roubini on a 2:00 AM tirade on Denton's Facebook page that has to be read to be believed. Roubni, an Iranian Jew, calls Denton am anti-semite with a Nazi mind and a McCarthist bigot. Nobel Prize quality, it is not. Classy, it is not. A sign the man may have had a bit too much from the bottle? Very, very possible. And which also leads to the BIG question posed by Felix Salmon, "I wonder if Nouriel knows that Nick is Jewish."

And, we thought only his economics was nuts.

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