Friday, October 31, 2008

Paul Huebl on the Bailouts

Back in 1990, the Government seized the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada for tax evasion and, as required by law, tried to run it. They failed and it closed.

Now we are trusting the economy of our country to a pack of dumb asses who couldn't make money running a whore house and selling booze?-Paul Huebl

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  1. Own T-Bills? Stop Financing Criminals!

    If you buy or own government debt (treasury bills, bonds, etc.) then you are directly financing (lending to) criminals.

    From Milton M. Shapiro's book, Foundations of the Market Price System, we learn a little about modern governments and their criminal nature:

    Legal Monopoly of Coercion

    First and foremost, governments throughout history have all had the same unique privilege: the legal monopoly power to exercise physical force or coercion over the individual. Under this monopoly privilege of coercive powers, governments have been able to implement systems of taxation, conscription, expropriation, and eminent domain as prive means of obtaining command over resources and wealth. Although under these monopoly powers governments also exercise controls over production and trade (by means of quotas, licensing, and prohibitions) and redistribute income and wealth by taxation and subsidies (transfer payments), it is primarily the power to tax, conscript, and expropriate that has enabled governments to get by.

    If you wish to stop empowering the criminal behavior of government, stop empowering them by lending to them. When you buy government securities you are giving them the resources to further enslave you and your neighbors.

    You can also withhold your financial support by minimizing the amount of taxes you pay.

    Instead of financing criminals, lend directly to entrepreneurs. These are the people who actually produce products and services that the public will buy voluntarily. Also, consider storing your wealth in gold and silver.