Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skousen Rips Krugman as Nobel Choice

Mark Skousen writes:

Who said this? "Economists don't know how to make a poor country rich, or bring back the magic of economic growth when it seems to have gone away."

And this: “Social Security as it is currently constituted is very efficient. We're talking about a system that really works quite well."Believe it or not, these are vacuous statements made by the new winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, Paul Krugman...

Now that he's won the Nobel Prize, we will never hear of the end of the ranting of this blowhard who calls himself a “liberal” and “progressive.” “Reactionary” might be a better word.

Krugman’s #1 goal is to return to the good ol’ days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal. He wants to transfer power back to the labor unions and impose sharply higher progressive taxes to reduce inequality of income and wealth. Sen. Obama would be pleased.I guess we should not be surprised by this selection out of Sweden, which is famous for giving Nobels in literature to Marxists and Peace prizes to the likes of Al Gore.

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