Thursday, October 16, 2008

Street Carnage For President

Street Carnage, an apparently very hot, but peculiar web site that comments on such things as a Coca Cola memorobila collector, this way:

Look at this guy. He collects Coca-Cola memorabilia and is in court over his precious collection of rusting shit. Actually, I guess it is important because it is such a rare and endangered species. You never see coca-cola ads anywhere so it makes sense to turn your home into a pathetic, tacky house of warship for that fucking corporate logo. At least his wife is sane and dedicates her time and energy to porcelain coca-cola dolls. Jesus, these people make squandering a fortune on drugs look sane.

And, somehow, they actually get economics and the current financial crisis dead on:

However, the biggest assholes, in all this, are the politicians who started it. They meddled in the free market, enforced some kind of communist ideal, and now we’re being taxed to the hilt to justify it. Isn’t that what ended Russia.

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