Friday, October 24, 2008

The Ultimate Sin

They'll lie and say they have a degree in economics, when they don't.

Congressional candidate Darcy Burner has touted her Harvard University degree in economics during her campaign in the state of Washington for the 8th Congressional District seat against Rep. Dave Reichert. But while Burner took some economics classes at Harvard, her degree is in computer science and not economics, reports the Seattle Times.

At two debates this month, she brought up her academic background in her opening statement.

"I loved economics so much that I got a degree in it from Harvard," she said at an Oct. 10 debate at KCTS-TV. "Now everywhere I go in this district, the only thing people want to talk to me about is the economy."

1 comment:

  1. Since much of Wall Street and even our glorious Secretary of the Treasury have various types of economic degrees from Harvard, I don’t see that having such a degree helps her credibly much even if she had it

    Now maybe if she had published or said something about the dangers of the bubble prior to its collapse, this might show she had some real economic knowledge, but the degree even if she had one, only means she attended classes and passed the tests. Especially since economic degrees appear to be something like psychology degrees, you learn 15 different schools of theory, all of which contradict each other and then you have to figure out what is right and then do useful work with it. It’s the “figuring out what is right and then do useful work with it” that matters.

    Its like getting a drivers license, if you drive safely for the next 20 years then it shows you took the training and got something from it. If you have 20 accidents in 20 years it shows that you can’t drive no matter that you got a license.

    So the lying about her degree show more about Darcy Burner character and lack of judgment about people checking out her claims then it does about her economic knowledge, performance is what counts there.