Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Timing An October Surprise

We have already had one mini-October Surprise, is a big one on the way?

Justin Raimondo identifies possible sources of an October Surprise that would attempt to derail the Barack Obama election juggernaut. He lists as flash points, Iraq, and notes the curious incursion into Syria, The Caucasus and Al-Qaeda, as points from where an October Surprise could emerge, internationally.

On the domestic front, he lists rumors about an Obama friendship with one, Vera Baker, that had Michelle Obama boiling, and thus has the potential for boiling over wide at any point.

Whatever the October Surprise, if such is planned by those who plan such things, my bet is that it will occur within 24 hours of Obama's paid-for 30 minute network speech scheduled for tomorrow night. You do not want additional traction from such an Obama speech, so why not dominate the news with the October Surprise?

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