Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anderson: Foreign Owned Auto Plants Based in the US Will Be Smashed Beyond Recognition

Bill Anderson seems to have the best pulse on the specifics of what the Obama Adminstraton will be all about. He writes:

As we look at the upcoming Obama administration, it will do us well to remember that the main power groups of the Democratic Party which will call the shots for at least the next four years, and more likely the next 40, include the following: Labor unions, environmentalists, the American Trial Lawyers Association, the hardcore Religious Left, and ACORN. All of these groups are united in their visceral hatred for free markets and for personal liberty in general (except in areas of sexual freedom and in the "freedom" to kill unborn children).

These groups will be unchecked in their Grand Vision that they intend to impose on the rest of us. Not only will Obama and Congress make sure that the Big Three automakers survive in some form, but their political allies will make sure that the other auto plants in this country owned by foreign subsidiaries are smashed beyond recognition.

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