Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Early Warren Buffett

I still haven't gotten around to reading the near 1,000 page Warren Buffett biography, The Snowball, though it's on my reading list.

However, I had a few minutes to kill yesterday, before a meeting, and wandered into a bookstore and happened upon the book. Glancing through the early chapters, I found a hilarious account of a young Buffett attempting to become a weight lifter.

Then there are tales about another part of the young Warren Buffett that have never been public before.

Buffett, along with a buddy,create slugs to get sodas out of vending machines for free. Author Alice Schroeder quotes him as saying his philosophy was "cash in, slugs out".

There was also a reference to some type of shady moves by Buffett at Sears, but, in the time I had, I couldn't find the story to which the reference was made. Stay tuned.

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