Monday, November 17, 2008 and Realmatch Partnership

Is it time to make a job move?

I am pleased to announce that has entered into an agreement with realmatch, whereby Real-Time Job Matching ™, a technology that allows employers and job seekers to specifically define themselves, their needs and their preferences, will be featured at EPJ. This is a state of the art help wanted career service and much more.

Instead of a single closed off website that offers limited exposure to candidates and employers, realmatch powers and is directly connected to a powerful network of sites which are visited by millions of users. realmatch powers the job channels of these network sites including newspapers, ISP’s, portals, search engines, industry associations and various resource sites for professionals. Matches are made across the entire network so the law of large numbers works more efficiently for everyone. When job seekers and employers connect, value is created which is shared across the network - a win-win-win.

Real-Time Job Matching technology means that you no longer have to use antiquated keyword search to find a job. You simply enter your skills and preferences, find perfectly matching jobs, explore career opportunities all the while remaining anonymous.

The start page for job seekers is here.

The start page for employers is here.