Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Dream Team of Advisers to Barack Obama

Since I have been highly critical of President-elect Barack Obama's choices for economic advisers, one anonymous commenter asks, "What would be the dream economic ticket for Obama if you don't approve of his picks?????"

Below, I have gone one better, not only have I named individuals for various economic posts, but also key personnel for other positions in the Barack Obama Administration. These advisers beyond doubt would make the Obama White House the most unique free market oriented White House in history. If you want to see the country free and the economy boom, put these people next to the president :

Chief of Staff: Lew Rockwell

Special Counsel to the President: Walter Block, Ron Paul, William Anderson, Ralph Raico , Gary North

Secretary of State: Justin Raimondo

Secretary of the Treasury: Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Secretary of Defense: Hans Hermann Hoppe

Attorney General: Mario Rizzo

Chairman of the Federal Reserve: Lawrence H. White

Director of Homeland Security: Jacob Hornberger

Secretary of Health and Human Services: Bill Sardi

National Security Agency: Naomi Wolf

IRS Commissioner: Irwin Schiff

SEC Commissioner: Karen DeCoster

Energy Secretary: Robert P. Murphy

Education Secretary: Linda Schrock Taylor

Transportation Secretary: Walter Block

Office of National Drug Control Policy: Walter Block

Environmental Protection Agency: George Reisman

Press Secretary: Ilana Mercer

Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers: Israel Kirzner

Chairman National Economic Council: Richard Ebeling

Chairman Economic Recovery Advisory Board: Robert Higgs

Head Office of Management and Budget: Robert P. Murphy

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Roger Garrison

Other members of the Council of Economic Advisers:

Joseph Salerno

Peter Schiff

Doug French

George Reisman

Other members of the National Economic Council:

Paul Craig Roberts

Stefan Karlsson

Peter Boettke

Oceans & Atmosphere Administration: Gene Callahan

Head of Guantanamo: Jeffrey Tucker

Potential Supreme Court nominee James Ostrowski

Federal Election Commission: Hans Herman Hoppe


  1. How about for National Security Adviser either Karen Kwiatkowski or William Lind?


  2. Thank you!! That would be a very impressive and unique ticket for Obama!

  3. At first I thought this post was clever and amusing, but by the end I was thinking, "Wow, he really had to put some effort into this!" (All the links.)

    Do I get paid double since I would hold two posts?

  4. Bob,

    You are head of OMB. You get to set your own salary.

  5. These are pretty good, but I would've gone with Judge Napolitano as Supreme Court pick.

  6. Block is definitely a multitasking phenom, but the Drug Czar ought to be Paul Armentano.

  7. Jesús Huerta de Soto for Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

    Or, Ron Paul.. eh

  8. Jesús Huerta de Soto for Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

    Or, Ron Paul.. eh

    I thought you guys were killing that off?


  9. Good list. I would include a few more posts. 1. I would appoint Karen Kwiatkowski to fire all of Pentagon, Massad Ayub for preparing civilian militia training and myself for pointing out what else is wrong in the system and needs to be shut down.. STAT!

  10. Your choice of Irwin Schiff for IRS Commissioner is classic!

  11. Andrew Napolitano for Supreme Court Justice

  12. Also a good choice for BLS, John Williams

  13. i would not change a thing, except I would make Tom Woods SecDef

  14. Maybe your list will be a good starting point (and ending point for these 'agencies') for Ron Paul to consider in 2012!

  15. Yes, Irwin Schiff as IRS commissioner would be perfect.

    For all our laughter, I can guarantee you that a federal government run by a lot of people on that list would not be looking at total meltdown right now! The USA might even be a free country! Oh, the humanity!

  16. Let me add that the "Dream Team" would not bail out the New York Times.

  17. I nominate David Ray Griffin for CIA Director.

  18. FDA Commissioner: William Faloon

  19. This certainly is entertaining. However, in the spirit of limited government I would hope that many of the individuals would take their posts only long enough to call for the elimination of their respective departments.

  20. I guess Irwin Schiff is Peter's father.....You'd need to pardon him first.... What a team.. i dont know who 80% of them are but based on what I do know, where do I sign.......

  21. Lysander Spooner for postmaster general--avoids those tricky public choice issues!

  22. Ivan Eland needs to be some sort of Foreign Policy advisor.

  23. Include Tommy Chong as head of the DEA and it would be perfect.

    - Erich von Freemason