Saturday, November 1, 2008

On The Lew Rockwell - Naomi Wolf Podcast

I emailed Bob Murphy about Naomi Wolf in early October, and Murphy posted to his blog:

...Now folks, Robert Wenzel sent me this 27 minute YouTube, and I wrote back, "What part should I listen to? I don't have time for this whole thing." And he just said, "The whole thing, man.

So when Lew Rockwell featured a 50 minute interview with Wolf, Bob alerted me in an email with a copy to the link.

I emailed back:
Yeah, it's an hour [long], It is on my list for later today.
Bob, 20 minutes later, emailed again:
...this is awesome. I am literally jumping up and down in my office
listening to this. It is unreal.
How best to describe this interview: Think a Socrates-Plato podcast.

In Naomi Wolf you have an extremely bright, progressive (read left-wing), truth seeker, who has knowledge of libertarianism, but not a deep, deep understanding, and she has, by her own intense study, been finding problem after problem with government.

In Lew Rockwell, you have a man with a 10th dan Black Belt understanding of libertarianism.

Somewhere during the interview, the truth seeking Wolf turns into a bright and curious student and begins asking Rockwell questions about libertarianism. As a master, Rockwell, is able to reply with quick, clear, succinct answers to her questions. You can sense the genuine curiosity in Wolf's voice, and often the moments when Rockwell's explanation to a question has opened up Naomi to a perspective on the world she had never thought about before.

This podcast will be a classic.

(Note: You don't need an ipod to listen to it, you can just click on the link provided and listen to it over your computer.)

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