Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thomas Sowell Rips Obama

I mean rips.


  1. Want freedom? Don't vote at the ballot box!

    When you vote for any particular leader, law or proposition you are illegitimately authorizing others (police, law enforcement, and government in general) to restrict others or enforce your beliefs onto others. These are things you wouldn't want others to do to you so why do it to them?

    Vote for Freedom and skip the ballot box and the criminal enterprise that it supports.

    For an excellent analysis on the immorality of voting read the following:


    and watch this:

    Philosophy of Liberty

  2. Dang, you weren't kidding. It really disappoints me though that Sowell thinks the US government is incompetent at all things except military defense. And his worries that Obama will destroy the Constitution are about 70 years too late.