Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wal-Mart Will Be Smashed Beyond Recognition....

in an Obama Administrartion, says Bill Anderson.

I think he is correct.

Other Anderson predictions:

The Internet itself is going to fall under the kind of political control that we now see in communist countries.

Obama will sign legislation that basically gives labor unions the power to organize any company or entity at will, and he also will sign legislation removing any "right-to-work" legislation from the states. We will be forced to join labor unions if we want to be able to work at all.

It is my belief that prisons will be the growth industry during the Obama Administrartion, Anderson gets this:

...the Federal Reserve System will be empowered, not weakened, by this new government, and there will be no restraints at all on the Fed as it destroys the
dollar. When prices go up, the government will blame businesses, levy price controls, and then put business owners in prison for "price gouging."

Our children will be conscripted into "national service" and anyone who resists will go to prison. There will be no exceptions, and that includes people from religious groups like the Amish.

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