Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Paul Krugman Wakes Up Parts of Austrian Economics Nation

It's about time Paul Krugman is called on the nonsense he is writing at NYT. It's getting so out of hand that he has awoken parts of Austrian Economics Nation.

In separate commentaries, Bill Anderson, Steve Horwitz and Bob Murphy have pointed out major flaws in a recent Krugman columns.

Anderson of late has been using Krugman for target practice. He writes:
It's Monday, which means yet another howler from Paul Krugman. (I have given up on kicking the Krugman habit; he throws out one howler after another, and it seems that nearly all of them deserve a response.)
Anderson's entire comment is here.

Murphy took time away from his holiday travels to write:

As always, I am stunned by Krugman's latest blog post.
Find out what stunned Bob, here.

Horwitz weighs in with this comment:

Today's Krugman op-ed blog is a doozy...In my last post, I wondered whether Krugman really read what his opponents have to say, leaving open the question whether he was ignorant or malicious. Today's blog entry leaves much less doubt...
Find out how Horwitz resolves his doubt, here.

And, of course, I'm still wondering why Krugman hasn't given back his Nobel Prize.