Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Study Guide for the Most Important Book in Economics

Ludwig von Mises' book, Human Action, in my view, is the most important book ever written in the field of economics. If you master this book, you will have the equivalent of a black belt, in economics.

However, up until now, attempting to digest Mises' magnum opus was pretty much a solitary task. There was only, Percy Greaves valuable, Mises Made Easier, but that is pretty much only a glossary of the words and encyclopedic type references that Mises made in Human Action and some of his other works.

Now word is out that Bob Murphy has completed the Study Guide to the Scholar's Edition of Human Action. I plan to read the study guide over the holiday season and will have a full review after I complete it.

In the meantime, Bob has a write up explaining his take on the Study Guide, here.

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