Thursday, January 22, 2009

Did Obama Dis Paul Krugman?

Rich Karlgaard of Forbes has a fascinating theory that Barack Obama recently dissed Paul Krugman. Karlgaard wrote:

While waiting in the Forbes on Fox studios this morning, I caught a video of Barack Obama talking up his stimulus plan. Did you watch it? Obama said he'd use the best recovery ideas from any source, Democratic or Republican. “If Paul Krugman has a good idea, we’ll use it.” Obama mispronounced Krugman’s name as "Kruggman" instead of "Kroogman"--with an emphasis on the “ugg.”

In other words, I thought I heard Obama dissing Paul Krugman. How wonderful is that?
Does Karlgaard have something here?

Krugman's name is an easy name to mispronounce, on the other hand, Obama has a track record of subtle disses in public. Diss or mispronunciation, it appears that Obama is not close to Krugman, not a bad thing, given Krugman's command and control recommendations for the economy.

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